Our Story

We want to make the best for all the children in the World!

Petra Toys, Inc. is based in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Founded in 1987, the company is a wholesale distributor of nostalgia toys and is motivated by the strong conviction that childhood is a special time in each human life. Full of imagination and possibility, our toys foster a child's learning and growth, creativity and enjoyment!

We carry toys mostly imported from Europe and we select our toys with love & care. Safety, durability, usefulness, cultural heritage, and non-toxic materials are our priority and we guarantee the quality of our toys.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are offering only products we use or would use ourselves and we offer these at fair prices. The words "We love your toys" always motivate us to work harder!


Yvette Sommer-Pechanec

Our Brand

At Petra Toys, we are committed to the importance of exposing children to a mixture of educational values through purposeful play.

back to basics toys

Going Back to Basics

Essential for healthy growth, simple play activities are a large part of a child's social, emotional, and physical development.

Kids always need to stay active and expand their learning and our back-to-basics toys can fill these needs. Full of playful vibes and a hint of nostalgia, we believe that once your kids have tried some of our toys, they will discover new favorites.

Partner In Charity

Being socially responsible and actively involved in our community is a core part of our company culture.

Making a positive impact on animal welfare photo.

We Give Back

We believe in charitable giving. And it is now official through a non-profit project we've founded.

Traditional toys are exciting on their own. With Petra Toys, they are force for good, too. Every time you purchase one of our toys, you can take heart in knowing that you will receive a unique product while having a positive impact on keeping animals healthy and happy.

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